New Medical Horizons s.r.l. is a company born on October 2016. It’s team is the result of the combination between young and willing personnel with the wiseness of a succesfull entrepreneur.

Our objective, even if it may sound too ambitious, is to become the reference point for the absorbance and incontinence medical devices market.

Our range of products is strong of the Combimedica® patent (Owned by Franzoni Re S.r.l.), which underlnes the process for which cotton molecules are bound to chlorexidine molecules through polar covalent bond.

The layer in contact with the skin is made of delicate antibacterial cotton, which makes the device delicate on skin (dermatological test link) and grants the destruction of bacteria that usually generates from humid and warm areas. The bacteria destruction reduces the chance of common infections, while contributing to smell removal.


No more runs to the store for “emergencies”. With DOT we promise you to arrive when you need us, with the right quantity, and to be with you until you’ll need us.

Build your own plan with the products you prefer. Comfortably receive them at home every three months. Pause or delete your subscription when you want, in total transparency.


Tel: +39 030 8372502

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