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DOT Pantyliners in 100% cotton offer you all the protection and the comfort that you need. Their transpiring formula gently takes care of your skin, making you feel better everyday, all day long.

DOT Pantyliners are totally transpirant; they’re able to give you a pleasant sense of dry skin and freshness guaranteeing an high comfort even after a long period.

An innovative line of products for the feminine hygiene, available in the Soft variant. An extra-protection to feel more comfortable with yourself and with anyone else.


No more runs to the store for “emergencies”. With DOT we promise you to arrive when you need us, with the right quantity, and to be with you until you’ll need us.

Build your own plan with the products you prefer. Comfortably receive them at home every three months. Pause or delete your subscription when you want, in total transparency.


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