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Did you know that the use of 100% Organic Cotton Tampons , reduces the occurrence of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) to 0%?

Producing our products with channelled system and in 100% cotton, we want to differentiate ourselves informing you and making you feel protected, in complete comfort.

The occurrence of the Menstrual TSS Syndrome may occurr while using poor quality Tampons or Tampons with harmful additives for the internal mucous.

Remember preferably to alternate, during the Menstrual cycle, the use of Internal and external Pads and to frequently change your Tampons using 100% Organic Cotton Tampons like our DOT.


No more runs to the store for “emergencies”. With DOT we promise you to arrive when you need us, with the right quantity, and to be with you until you’ll need us.

Build your own plan with the products you prefer. Comfortably receive them at home every three months. Pause or delete your subscription when you want, in total transparency.


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